About Global Plastic Waste Management

Global Plastic Waste Management shall be a world class company removing plastic garbage from the oceans on earth. Today 6.4 million tons of plastic garbage are emptied into the sea every year. During many years this has accumulated vast amounts of plastic garbage in the sea. Between the west coast of the USA and the east coast of Japan, a huge amount of plastic garbage is circulating. The size is 4 times bigger than Norway in extent.

Our Company has the ability to solve these problems, but we need financial strength to do so. Within 2024 our Company shall have the capacity to set in motion the necessary actions to start this major effort to clean the oceans.


Geir Lund has long experience as a CEO in several companies, he is a serial entrepreneur, worked offshore and onshore, technical and economical education. He has a major interest in ocean health and development. Geir Lund has professional diving experience.